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What to bring

Communication Folders
Your child will come home with a communication folder on their first day of school. This is where the teacher will place any important letters/notes, flyers, or children’s art work. Please take the material out of the folder when you have read it. This folder should come to and from school every day with your child. If you need to send a note to school or have a request, please place it in the folder so that it can be brought to the teachers’ attention.
Extra Clothing
We do ask that each child brings an extra pair of season appropriate clothing to keep at school for accidents. These will be kept in their bin inside the classroom. If your child has an accident the soiled clothes will be sent home in a plastic bag. If your child goes home in borrowed clothes from our classroom, please clean them and return promptly.
Label Everything
Please label any item that you bring to school. We cannot keep track of everything that is in your child’s cubby. Make sure you label jackets and coats.
Family Pictures
EHS tries to make all families and children welcome. Part of our process in doing so is to ask all families to provide the classroom with a family picture that will help make your child feel more welcome and safe in the classroom.